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Stock Monitor is the new, fast way to scan the market. Get access to real-time watch lists and portfolios for monitoring your strategies. Combine filters and back test. Use technical analysis charts and configure alerts to give you a profitable edge.

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Here's What You Can Do Inside Stock Monitor.

Detect momentum stocks - Pre-built Relative strength filters detect stocks moving now.
Open gaps - Filters to detect opening gaps, up or down, by percentage or custom values.
Moving average crosses - Find any moving average crossover, in any time frame.
Unusual volume - Detect stocks which have unusual volume, above average levels.
Breakout Stocks - Detect breakout stocks that have burst past recent highs or lows.
Detect candlestick patterns - Every candlestick pattern can be detected fast.
MACD crosses - Stocks with MACD crossing above zero, or signal line crossing.
Instant Alerts - Don't want to miss a moving average cross? Set an alert.
Build a filter - Choose from any indicator, candlestick or price pattern, hundreds provided.
Quick chart views - Any filter can be easily viewed on a chart, just like an indicator.
Backtest filters - Backtest any filter to see how it performs.
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Blazing Fast, Powerful Filters, Testing and Stock Analysis Tools.

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Profitable? Blazing fast backtests on years of historical data.

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Instantly add stocks to watchlists and set alerts.

Chart Analysis

Beautiful stock charts with indicators, drawing tools and much more.

Portfolios & News

Follow your stock portfolio and breaking related news.

What Are Our Members Watching?

Symbol Name Last Price Change Volume High Low
AAPL Apple Inc 218.54 -6.47 (-2.88%) 61,630,300 224.8 217.13
AMZN, Inc 180.83 -5.58 (-2.99%) 41,532,360 185.45 180.41
BA The Boeing Company 180.07 -6.41 (-3.44%) 5,109,135 187 179.97
BAC Bank of America Corporation 42.19 -0.22 (-0.52%) 36,557,678 42.75 42.07
CME CME Group Inc 197.25 -0.19 (-0.10%) 2,688,368 200.545 194.92
MAT Mattel, Inc 18.93 1.69 (9.80%) 10,195,711 19.16 17.59
META Meta Platforms Inc. 461.27 -27.42 (-5.61%) 17,649,738 476.3 460.58

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