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Stock Monitor gives you access to USA and UK listed stocks, with end of day and intraday data.

Powerful Fast Filters

Discover new stocks FAST. You get powerful pre-built filters, built on a huge array of indicators, chart patterns and price levels, which instantly detect stocks about to move. Keep it simple, or combine multiple filters for real in depth analysis. Once you start filtering, you'll never stop!

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Streaming Watch Lists

Unlimited watch lists - Select stocks from filter results, sectors or indices to add to your watch list and see price changes without refreshing pages. Have multiple watch lists for sectors, indices or strategies, and switch between them using our unique list switcher.

Click For A Chart. Icons in your watch list give you one click access to technical analysis charts, or to add the stock to a portfolio (yes, you get these too!). Upload and download your watch list symbols easy.

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The main dashboard gives you FAST access to your watchlists with one click, and view streaming prices, alongside other useful data tables. You get winning and losing stocks, sectors and indices. Advance and decline figures, top filters today, and more, all on one page.

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Build Your Own Filter

Build Your Own Filter Fast. With our click and select interface you can optimize, edit and combine our pre-built filters, or even build your own from scratch. It's flexible, and is as simple or as complex as you need. No programming language required!

Strategy Testing

Live Strategies. Possibly the best feature? Set a pre-built or custom filter trading in real time, forward test on a virtual cash balance. Our system does the analysis, picks the trades and gives you a full report of how it turned out.

Back Test. Back test your filter (or any trading strategy) on years of historical or intraday data. You can back test pre-built filters, your custom filters or simply indicators and get full reports on how they performed.

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Beautiful Stock Charts

Beautiful, fast loading, clean stock charts with hundreds of indicators and candlestick pattern detections. You can draw lines, have fibonacci levels, and save your settings for quick analysis when you return. Select timeframes from 5 minute through to monthly!

BEST PART: ANY filter you build can be added to your chart, as an indicator, and viewed instantly.

Portfolio Tracker

Create stock portfolios with actual cash transactions, like a real trade simulator. The gain and loss will be tracked and calculated based on the buy or sell prices, commissions or fees you enter.

You can use our portfolio tracker to follow real investments, or to test a set of stocks as a demo.  See more on portfolio tracker tool »

Alerts and News

NEVER Miss a Trade! Fast and easy. Set an email alert when a level is touched, or any filter detects a possible trade. Get an end of day summary of alerts to your inbox.

Breaking News. You also get news related to your watchlist stocks, search news by symbols, or browse market news from hundreds of sources in one place.

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