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Stock Monitor was built out of a need for investors and traders to have a better understanding of how the market moves. Knowledge is king when it comes to the markets, and the more confidence you can have in your investments the better. We provide you the ability to monitor and pick new stocks using real-time data for a low monthly price.

Our Tools

First, we built tools such as charts, news aggregators and watchlists. With thousands upon thousands of stocks to sort through each day, there is no better way to remember an interesting stock than adding it to a custom watch list.

Our charts were custom built from the ground up, making it easy to select stocks and perform analysis, with a huge array of indicators and drawing tools.

Our next step was to think about saving an investor or trader valuable time.

This is when we began creating the alerts, filters, strategy builder and backtesting.

It has been built so that EVERY investor or trader, with limited or great technical knowledge, can quickly set up filters to scan the market for their conditions and alerts to email, at market close, every time a stock makes a move they would be ineterested in.

But we didn't stop there. Why not create a system that tests your filters and tells you whether they work? So we did.

Now, using our click and select interface, anyone can build an investment strategy, or filter, and fully understand if it is worth the effort. It literally takes minutes.

We streamlined our servers, and optimized them to hell. You can perform a backtest over years of data on thousands of stocks in less than a minute. It took some creative genius by our in-house developer Gabriel, but the painstaking hours he spent coding have paid off.

New Real-Time Data

Whilst we ran on delayed data for a while, we received lot's of requests for real-time USA data. Our mission is to provide a cost effective service, and with the large useage fees per user from the main exchanges, it meant we would have to change our pricing. Real-time data is important for short term trading, but many of our customers are longer term investors who do not necessarily need real-time prices. But we found a solution to keep everbody happy. By integrating with IEX exchange, the real-time feed they provide for free allows us to give our short term traders real-time USA data at no extra cost! And our long term traders are not affected by a price change. It's a win-win for everybody.

The data is not direct from the main exchanges (NYSE, Nasdaq etc) but the same companies are listed for trading at IEX. As it's a different exchange prices can differ ever so slightly at times. In general high volume stocks are accurate, but low volume stocks can see some slight difference from main exchange data. However, we have monitored and it's only usually in half decimals.

UK and Canada Data

We also added UK and Canada closing data. This data is updated with the previous days levels at the very start of the next day. Unfortunately at this time we cannot offer real-time or delayed data for these markets. But you can still run scans on daily data perfectly.

If you want to learn more about us, or just chat about markets. Please get in touch.

Regards Stock Monitor Team

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