Is a Moving Average Crossover The Best Stock Screener?

We have hundreds of pre-set stock scanners, but one of the most used is to detect a moving average crossover. Many people use these, and according to our internal statistics this is the best stock screener, or maybe the most popular here anyway. But why is this simple screener being used so much? Moving Averages are a simple but effective indicator. As the name implies, they … [Read more...]

How You Can Find Low RSI Stocks and Set Stock Alerts

Whilst a lot of traders buy trending stocks which are breaking out higher, there's also a large camp who like to buy the dips. If you can identify an edge which offers a low risk entry into a trending stock, you can catch a good move early. Here's a neat way to use our low RSI screener to pull up a bunch of candidates for your watch lists. But first of all you will need a … [Read more...]

Finding The Best Stocks To Buy Based On Technical Screener Results

Everyone is looking for the best stocks to buy. Obviously we all wish we knew what they were, but one of the best ways of getting an advantage is by using a technical analysis stock screener to inform you when a stock is looking oversold or beginning to gain strength. Traders and investors look for different technical indicator signals in various timeframes, so in this … [Read more...]

Here’s What’s Inside The Best Paid Stock Screener

Inside the best paid stock screener you would expect to find a whole bunch of useful tools, ready to use, with the ability to modify them easy to suit your needs. Here I'll explain how easy it is to modify any of our pre-set filters to enable you to become a true market wizard. Our RSI stock screener pre-sets cover just about everything a trader could need, like crossing … [Read more...]

Using The Candlestick Scanner And Finding Entry Points in Stocks

Using our candlestick scanner it’s easy to find popular patterns such as hammer candlesticks or engulfing candles. You can choose from a huge selection of patterns in our screener, but which ones are effective and how can they be used in your technical analysis? Below I've walked through a couple of example strategies for using hammer candlesticks to find support or r … [Read more...]