Brand New Stock Portfolio Features We Added

We’ve recently added some updates to our stock portfolio; this post is going to explain what they are, how you can use them and why they are important. One of the features users have frequently requested is to have the ability to add stocks in bulk from the stock lists they produce from their scans. We have now added this feature, but rather than just stop there we also s … [Read more...]

Choosing A Portfolio Tracker To Follow Your Stock Trades

So you're a brand new investor still looking to find your footing in the wide world of stock trading? That's great! What you need to know is that there are tools available to you that can aid in this conquest. What may also be helpful is the fact that you do not have to use only what is given to you from one particular investment site or another. You have options to choose … [Read more...]

How to Track My Portfolio? Top Features You Need

Investing is as much about motivation as it is about money. Those who have the motivation to continue to invest over the long run tend to do well with it. However, it is easy to have those motivational juices crushed by a lack of understanding of just what that money is doing for you. All too often, those who start out excited about investing lose their fervor for it by not … [Read more...]

4 Excellent Benefits of Using Stock Alert Tools

Stock alert tools are an electronic means of accessing information on the stock market as soon as it is available, especially via emails. Alert tools are relatively easy to use, and anyone who wishes to trade or is in need of market information can get them. Using stock alert tools to get informed when the markets are moving is a great thing to do. Stock alert tools can help … [Read more...]