Brand New Stock Portfolio Features We Added

We’ve recently added some updates to our stock portfolio; this post is going to explain what they are, how you can use them and why they are important. One of the features users have frequently requested is to have the ability to add stocks in bulk from the stock lists they produce from their scans. We have now added this feature, but rather than just stop there we also … [Read more...]

How To Find Overbought or Oversold Stocks Easy

If you’d like to find the most overbought or oversold stocks today, or any day, we’ve made this really simple to do inside With the new addition of popular stock scans to our technical analysis screener you can find overbought stocks in seconds. In this article I’ll quickly run over what our scanner looks for, how it determines whether a stock is oversold … [Read more...]

Using Our RSI Stock Screener For Fast Overbought/Oversold Analysis

The relative strength indicator is one of the most widely used indicators by investors and traders alike. Here we will show you how our RSI stock screener works, and a show you the fast way to pull up lists of stocks that are overbought or oversold. An RSI indicator is deemed to be in overbought territory if the indicator crossed up above 70. However, in many situations this … [Read more...]

How The MACD Stock Screener Discovers Trending Stocks

To speed up your analysis, you'll benefit from using our MACD stock screener. This is one of the most followed chart indicators by traders and investors, because it's based on moving averages it is very easy to understand. In this article you will get to understand the MACD indicator and how you can use the MACD stock screener to find good opportunities on charts for an … [Read more...]

Get The Stock Scanner That Saves You Time

The stock scanner that we provide is super-fast for screening technical analysis and candlestick patterns. Every preset inside the scanner can be quickly cloned and adjusted to fit the need of your strategy. One of the time-saving benefits that our members get is the ability to back test the stock scans and set alerts. When our system detects a stock which meets one of your … [Read more...]