Charting Your Course in the Market: 3 Popular Stock Screeners

In the expansive realm of stock trading, precise and tailored tools are invaluable assets. Stock screeners, software applications that filter stocks based on user-defined metrics, serve as such a tool, simplifying the process of finding investment opportunities that align with individual strategies and goals. Particularly, screeners based on chart indicators have become crucial … [Read more...]

A Look Inside the New StockMonitor Platform and Guide to Features

If you are a member then you will have noticed the brand new design of the internal platform. It has taken great time and a lot of testing to get to this stage, and importantly for us to keep all the features you have grown to love at StockMonitor in place and easy to find. We have had great feedback, so let us show you some of the basics of the new improved design. Stock … [Read more...]

How The MACD Stock Screener Discovers Trending Stocks

To speed up your analysis, you'll benefit from using our MACD stock screener. This is one of the most followed chart indicators by traders and investors, because it's based on moving averages it is very easy to understand. In this article you will get to understand the MACD indicator and how you can use the MACD stock screener to find good opportunities on charts for an … [Read more...]