Using A Stock Volume Scanner To Find Great Day Trading Stocks

When you are asking how to scan stocks for day trading then you should make use of a stock volume scanner which will show you great candidates that have been trading at high volume over a set period of time. Inside StockMonitor we have our own stock volume screener which can help, and you can adjust all the settings to make it your own. Here is how to get started. (or watch … [Read more...]

Technical Analysis and Screener on SBUX, CRM and BIDU

Recent strength in the US stock market has given a lift to a whole bunch of stocks. Here we run our stock scanner and technical analysis charts over a few of our members most watched stocks. Starbucks (SBUX) stock price has been on the move from a two month low of just above $54. Firstly, running our scan for MACD cross up, we see that the MACD is crossing up for the first … [Read more...]

Get The Stock Scanner That Saves You Time

The stock scanner that we provide is super-fast for screening technical analysis and candlestick patterns. Every preset inside the scanner can be quickly cloned and adjusted to fit the need of your strategy. One of the time-saving benefits that our members get is the ability to back test the stock scans and set alerts. When our system detects a stock which meets one of your … [Read more...]