A Look Inside the New StockMonitor Platform and Guide to Features

If you are a member then you will have noticed the brand new design of the internal platform. It has taken great time and a lot of testing to get to this stage, and importantly for us to keep all the features you have grown to love at StockMonitor in place and easy to find. We have had great feedback, so let us show you some of the basics of the new improved design. Stock … [Read more...]

Real-Time Prices Now Inside Our Screener

Are you looking for a real time stock screener on which you can run all your favorite stock scans? Well here's the good news. Stock monitor has now integrated real-time data from IEX. This means you can now build unlimited custom filters and scan the whole market in real time. Until recently StockMonitor ran on 15 minute delayed data. By integrating with IEX it means … [Read more...]

Brand New Stock Portfolio Features We Added

We’ve recently added some updates to our stock portfolio; this post is going to explain what they are, how you can use them and why they are important. One of the features users have frequently requested is to have the ability to add stocks in bulk from the stock lists they produce from their scans. We have now added this feature, but rather than just stop there we also s … [Read more...]