Stock Filters

A stock filter is a powerful time saving tool that allows you to scan thousands of stocks and pick out candidates which meet your rules or criteria. With a stock filter the whole market can be scanned quickly for potential stocks to analyze.

Inside Stock Monitor you will find one of the fastest and most powerful stock filters, which is simple to use. It runs on USA and UK listed stocks. With one click you can select a pre-built filter to narrow down market moves and produce candidates. You can select to filter stocks in certain timeframes, such as daily, hourly or 15 minute. You can also filter certain exchanges, indexes or even a custom watchlist. We have a free version of our stock filter here which requires no login, for those who wish to test it.

One unique feature inside Stock Monitor is every pre-built stock filter can quickly be modified to suit your needs, or you can build your own from scratch with a simple filter builder tool. With our filter builder you get to select from hundreds of indicators, candle stick patterns, or price levels to scan and detect stocks which match up. You can combine indicators, filters and various other criteria to really dig deep within the market.

Here is a quick demonstration video showing how fast our stock filter tool scans the market, and how it will benefit you.

Pre-Built Filters

New pre-built stock filters are being added constantly, but here are a selection available right now.

  • Moving Average Price Crosses
  • Price Action
  • Relative Strength Crosses & Extremes
  • MACD Trends and Crosses
  • Candle Stick & Chart Patterns
  • Channel Break Outs
  • Volume Increasing or Decreasing
  • Any Custom Criteria

To see how powerful this tool is and how it will save you time with your stock analysis, sign up completely free now.

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