Stock Portfolio Tracker

To keep a close eye on your investments it is recommended to use a stock portfolio tracker tool. It allows you to list all your current holdings, your transactions and quickly see performance results.

Often portfolio tools are over bloated with features that generally mean very little. Inside Stock Monitor you get a no-nonsense portfolio tracker tool that allows you to quickly add your buys and sells, and view gains and performance statistics.

You can add as many portfolios as you wish in your account, and test various strategies or sets of stocks you have been watching. It's flexible, reliable and easy to use.

See how quick it is to set up your first portfolio in this demo video.

Transaction History

Whenever you buy or sell a stock, your transaction is listed and dated along with profit and loss. This is kept stored in your account for future reference, and can be accessed at any time. You can also increase or decrease the cash balance in your portfolio, to reflect real additions of funds or withdrawls from your investments.

  • Create Multiple Portfolios For Testing
  • See Performance
  • Track All Transactions
  • Add Any Commission Per Trade

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