The Streaming Dashboard

The main dashboard in is a hub of activity. Here you can view your streaming watchlists, quickly switch between them, add stocks, remove stocks and view charts.

The watchlist is complemented by a wide range of market statistic tables. You get top moving stocks, hot sectors, index prices, advance and decline ratios and much more, with the ability to switch between UK and USA markets by clicking a flag.

There is also a top filters table, which shows you the pre-set filters which have produced the most candidates for analysis today. You can quickly see lists of stocks which have crossed above a moving average, had an unusual surge in volume or printed a specific candlestick pattern.

Here is a quick demonstration video showing the streaming dashboard and how useful it can be.

New data will be added into your dashboard regularly, but here is what you get right now.

  • Streaming Watchlists
  • Top Filters
  • Index Monitor
  • Winning / Losing Stocks
  • Volume Leaders
  • Winning / Losing Sectors
  • Watchlist News Headlines
  • Mini Chart

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